Sunday, November 15, 2009

Single Male looking for Couples

There must be millions of them in the lifestyle all looking to live out some porno fantasy of a MFM. Yet the majority of couples’s profiles say “NO SINGLE MALES.” or “Single Guys We will contact you if we are interested.” So what is a guy to do? As a couple in the Swinglifestyle that actually plays with single males on occasion we have some suggestions.

Ok first let us say we have been talking with this one guy recently and are considering meeting to see how things go. Considering the number of emails we get from single guys even going through them seems a task in and of itself. To find one that seems a match what we look for in a single guy actually it is amazing. Even for me the guy of this relationship it’s like cool - this one might work.

Which brings us to some helpful tips: First, just don’t look at the pictures Guys read the couples profile see what they are looking for, see if you are a match, see if they even want an email from you, if not then move on. Second, say something intelligent “let’s fuck”, “you’re Hot”, “let’s get together”, “Nice Tits and/or Ass”, “Would Love to taste you” these aren’t going to get you very far. You have read their profile now respond to what they said, type a few sentences it doesn’t need to be a book just something that shows you can read and write carry on a conversation. Third, Attach a face photo if you really have to then also attach a crotch shot if you really feel the need. Let me just say my wife has never said that is a dick I have to get with she will usually say well what does he look like. You might be proud of your penis, hell I know I am, but the couples that will choose you on this only are few and far between.

Now that was just the basics here are some that will really help you. Be respectful remember that there are two people in the couple address both of them not just the wife you are looking to F**k. When we are looking for a single male it is just for some added fun not a replacement for the husband. Not to mention that at least my wife doesn’t want to be addressed in a cheap / rude way. Save the bedroom talk till the right time. Humor helps, say something funny don’t be so serious. Ask questions find out what the couple is into likes, dislikes; basically remember that is not all about your pleasure there are others involved. BE HONEST if you are married tell them. We personally don’t play with married males but we know couples that do. Hell there are couples out there looking for all sorts of things: wife swapping, cuckold experiences, Milf play, or just want to try the MFM experience. There are enough couples out there for you to find what you are looking for. These suggestions should help you in your search and if more single males followed these few guideline, then we – and other couples, might play with them more often.

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